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3 Stores – 1 Location

In our three different store concepts we can present your garment and accessories individually.


Your advantage: Competence and experience for over 40 years With over 450 square metres of sales floor and a huge season storage, we can receive even large private deliveries (no matter if vintage collection or inheritance). Upon consultation we may also pick it up – throughout the whole of Europe. We buy luxury-accessories, handbags and travelling gear from LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, HERMES and GUCCI. (Terms for commissions: DE | ENG)
If you make business with us, you will have a contact person who takes care of you individually. She competently and discretely takes care of your interests. Our merchandise management system was developed especially for our company. It enables us to always give you exact information about delivery and pricing as well as payments.


SECONDELLA is located in the ABC quarter of Hamburg. Special, owner-managed shops and flagship stores of international designers can be found in the direct neighbourhood.
We owe our worldwide reputation to a high media presence in print media as well as TV. But most of all we owe it to our numerous, long-term customers and suppliers, who have carried the name SECONDELLA around the world. If you want to entrust us your favourite design-pieces, we will welcome you warmly. Your SECONDELLA team    

About Us | SECONDELLA Geschäftsführung



About Us | SECONDELLA Geschäftsführerin Marie-Louise Schaernack Marie-Louise Schaernack ”To have visions – to realise and refine dreamed ideas and to view the company as lively cosmos to be reinvented again and aigain: That is the creative field between SECONDELLA and me for more than 40 years.” 

Favourite designer    Jil Sander –  purest purism YSL – most elegant revolutionary of fashion and colour-magician

Dream, think, realise   Taking this as her motto, the former mannequin visualises her dream and, in 1970, founds the first second-hand shop in Germany. As pioneer of a new industrial sector, she frequently brings new impulses for SECONDELLA from the other centers of her life, Asia and the USA, to Hamburg. Since 2009, she commits herself to the development of the traders’ association ABC Viertel e.V. and is member of the executive committee of BID Hohe Bleichen.     About Us | SECONDELLA Geschäftsfüherin Silke Griebel

Silke Griebel „As a visual person, fashion and fashion history is written in pictures for me. My love is dedicated to photography. Pictures inspire my fantasy and give rise to creativity. For me, SECONDELLA is the ideal frame, since fashion exists in another way here“

Favourite designer: Paul Smith – I like !! Slogan: Based on Udo Lindenberg: “and I do my own thing!”


Inspire, arrange, photograph 6 years after founding, Silke Griebel accesses SECONDELLA, where she is partner and manager since 2003. She is the allrounder and motivator of the team. She repeatedly assembles the individual mixture of high-class fashion and accessories to new topic areas in order to guide the customers through the variety of this unique multibrand-store and as an inspiration for the always interesting and belauded window displays. As often as she gets round to it, she reaches for the camera to capture her favourite outfits in atmospheric streetstyle photos.  

Brigitte Kasper „My handbag is my home.“

Favorite designer Emilio Pucci & Yves Saint Laurent

Since 1996, the qualified fashion designer Brigitte Kasper complements SECONDELLA’s management-trio and is a partner since 2003. In delivery, she and her team are responsible for the shops being always filled with luxury accessories and designers’ About Us | SECONDELLA Geschäftsführerin Brigitte Kasper dreams. With knowledge and instinct, the products brought by more than 10.000 private suppliers are received for selling. Her personal passion is for Chanel’s, Hermès’, Emilio Pucci’s and Yves Saint Laurent’s vintage-fashion, which are put, partly in the form of collections, into her experienced hands. In addition, her creativity is hiding in her tenderly drawn SECONDELLA-figures.


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